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Let‘s teach our children how to take good care of the environment

KARI Film, agency for environmental culture, offers exciting products and services to promote environmental awareness among children and young people.
We produce artistic and educational films to bring children closer to our environment. Our films are created with the support of professional artists, with the purpose of telling the story of our beautiful planet and raising awareness about the dangers lying ahead.

A new integrated concept for environmental education

As an educator, you play a key role in communicating environmental education – contributing directly to help children learn to love and protect our planet! Our job as KARIfilm is to develop user-friendly and innovative learning tools in line with the „2021-2030: UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration“ and international sustainable development goals.
The Series „The Adventurers of the World“ – for primary schools
is an all-in-one-package for educators, which enables easy and versatile environmental education for children.
The method: 3 steps for education, motivation and control.

Our services to support environmental education


For technical and organisational questions

Training program

Specific environmental issues for educators


Experiment while learning for children

Our current programme at a glance

Episode 1: Pollination → The disappearance of the bees
Episode 2: Bees in danger → Intensive agriculture, pesticides
Episode 3: Water on the planet, water in the desert → Desertification
Episode 4: Wetlands → The role of water, natural habitats
Episode 5: The sea, the oceans → Pollution of the sea, renewable energy
Episode 6: Borneo forest → Indigenous people, natural habitats, deforestation
Episode 7: Satellites for environmental protection → Example of illegal intensive fishing

Further topics are being planned.

Films Information, summary, trailers, keywords

Length: 12min 4sec 
Languages: English, German, French

KEYWORDS: Biodiversity, Bees, Honey, Pollen, pollination, Bee hotels

Episode 1: The secrets of Mélifée

The little bee, Mélifée, is full of charm and surprises, whether it‘s the way she moves or in the way she tells stories. As our explorers listen to her, they enter into the world of bees, both with admiration for them and genuine curiosity.
When they learn that a colony of bees has gone missing, they don‘t waste a second but are on the case straight away. By helping out their new friend, they end up protecting the bees as they go about their daily work. Their solutions are a little eccentric but not just that… little Mélifée is just buzzing over with fun!

Episode 2: The bees are back!​

Mélifée and her bee friends are safe and sound! They found refuge in our little adventurers’ observation hut. When they tell their story, they realize that the life of a bee is not that easy after all! Hornets, insects, pest – killers, pesticides humans … the dangers are manifold! To protect the future of their new friends, they will explore simple but effective solutions! The bees are buzzing with joy!
Length: 13min 
Languages: English, German, French
KEYWORDS: Biodiversity, Bees, Pesticides, Asian hornets, Beekeeping, Agriculture, Wild flowers
Length: 12min 9sec 
Languages: English, German, French
KEYWORDS: Biodiversity, Water resource, Salinisation, Pollution, Desertification, Endangered fishes, Satellite observation, Aral Sea

Episode 3: No more fish friends!

Our little explorers gather again for a holiday on the shores of the Aral Sea in Central Asia. To their surprise, they find a small sea, shrunk and covered by desert! Meeting up with Dani, a lonely Cambala fish, will help them to unravel the reasons behind this shocking situation. Once again, their many talents will be put to the test and their research will lead them to the concerning issue of earth’s most precious resource, water!

Episode 4: The mysterious Wetlands

Our little explorers have decided to go on a camping adventure. As they settle down next to mysterious wetlands, all their senses are on alert. At first glance, these stinking muddy wet patches of land seem unfriendly and full of danger. But the encounter with Julia, the otter, will only increase their curiosity. As she gives them the keys to her mysterious kingdom, they will learn to understand its struggle for survival. The wetlands are in need of protection and the team is determined to fulfil its new mission!


Length: 14min
Languages: English, German, French
Biodiversity, Wetlands, Habitats, Otter, Animals, Plants, Water Pollution, Water reservoirs
Length: 13min 31sec
Languages: English, German, French
Water pollution, Sea temperature increase, Marine flora and fauna, Air pollution, Renewable energies

Episode 5: Surf’s up

The little explorers have decided to be brave and to take to the waves. While they try out their skills on a surf board, they can’t hide their fascination for the great blue ocean. To their surprise, they learn about the ill-treatment of the ocean from human pollution. Guided by their surf teacher, guided by the waves, they are encou-raged to learn of the different ways to help protect our oceans. After all, they are talented scientists, aren’t they?


Episode 6: The Crazy Adventure of the Jungle of Borneo

Our little explorers are really excited to discover the jungle of Borneo. They go from one wonder to another; giant trees, wild vegetation, abundance of fruits and extra-ordinary animals! With the help of Sora, a little girl, and Tayu, the orang-utan, they will come to witness the great dangers hanging over the survival of this majestic forest. Human activities can have disastrous consequences but Kari and his friends are never short of simple yet effective solutions

Length: 15min 24sec
Languages: English, German, French
Biodiversity, Deforestation, Palm trees, Tropical forest, Jungle, Native forest people, Orang-utans

Episode 7: Satellites, Guardians of the Earth

To his surprise, Mateo’s fishing nets are coming back almost empty now. To solve this new mystery and help their friend, our little explorers will go as far as outer-space! While Teo and Kari are guests of the international space station, they will learn to utilize the satellites circling around the Earth. The team will be taught about the important role played by these extraordinary satellites; they monitor the planet and nothing gets past their eyes! With their help, the team is now well-equipped to face any challenge…
Length: 15min 34sec
Languages: English, German, French
Space station, Satellite observation, Tropical forest, Megacities, Agriculture, Sea, Fishing

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